Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Skip Today

If I look to the future I will need no present,
Time will make up for everything that wasn’t,
My goals will accomplish themselves,
My loved ones will forgive my misspells,
If I look to the future I won’t need to worry of the past,
Time will erase the things that did not last,
My falls will reverse and my wins will improve,
If I look to the future, 
There’s no dealing with my issues,
Time will fix and resolve,
I can skip today and evolve.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Spirit, Is there something more?
Deeper than the knowledge from  times long before.
Spirit, How do I know what to believe?
I have questions.
Where are the answers that I seek?
Are religion and spirit the same thing?
One is awareness and the other a following.
Spirit, take me to a place I've never been before.
Show me the meaning behind every door.
Spirit, is there a reason for my being?
Tell me is it true what I'm told to believe?
Spirit, what is my purpose to serve?
The path I walk is written somewhere. I can feel it.
There is more to discover around every curve.
Spirit, can I control how my story goes?
I choose to take myself into the open air.
I choose to open every window.

Friday, May 17, 2019


Confidence is magic.
It's inside of you,
Your inner fantastic.
When the light shines through,
The quiet shuts off.
It changes your mood,
The anxiety stops.
Thinking becomes clear,
Speaking is easier,
Approval is not needed,
Confidence cannot be defeated.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019


A baby breathes and the world is clear,
Everything I hold so dear.
No question life will never be the same,
To this little thing I give everything.
Long nights, short days.
Time flies by in a daze.
Caffeine and cuddles get me through,
This baby is everything I choose.
Poopy diapers, teething woes,
Just when I'm about to break, I see those toes.
Perfect little bundle of love,
Sleep can wait, I'll just close my eyes when baby does.
With the blink of an eye there goes a year,
We made it through even with the tears.
No other thing can compare,
To the smiling baby looking at me.
This world is new and I am aware,
There is something new in normalcy,
Motherhood is now a part of me.
I give in when I hear those coos,
This baby is everything I choose.

Friday, December 28, 2018


*A poem dedicated to new moms everywhere.*

Sitting awake, here I am,
Tired as can be, no sleep at hand.
Baby cries when I put her down,
Snuggles she wants from sun up to down.
From sun down to up, she wants snuggles some more,
Little one is teething, so I'll give in of course.

My little pumpkin is cute as can be,
As cute as she is, I still wish for some sleep.
One day she'll grow and I'll be missing these nights,
For now, it feels as if no end is in sight.

Coffee tomorrow, tonight we will snuggle,
Tired as I am, this girl needs her cuddles.

Skip Today

If I look to the future I will need no present, Time will make up for everything that wasn’t, My goals will accomplish themselves, My...