Wednesday, May 15, 2019


A baby breathes and the world is clear,
Everything I hold so dear.
No question life will never be the same,
To this little thing I give everything.
Long nights, short days.
Time flies by in a daze.
Caffeine and cuddles get me through,
This baby is everything I choose.
Poopy diapers, teething woes,
Just when I'm about to break, I see those toes.
Perfect little bundle of love,
Sleep can wait, I'll just close my eyes when baby does.
With the blink of an eye there goes a year,
We made it through even with the tears.
No other thing can compare,
To the smiling baby looking at me.
This world is new and I am aware,
There is something new in normalcy,
Motherhood is now a part of me.
I give in when I hear those coos,
This baby is everything I choose.

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